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Around 8000 before biden takes over in january?
Could be a little bit longer, but yes 8000 is in the horizon for next year
Bulls have had a great run! The printing will not stop for a long time yet.
If you thought your money in the bank was safe ,check out the bank bail in law passed by APRA . Which is part of the Dodd Frank Act brought in after the bail " out" problems in 2008
Can anyone advise how I can download XAO volume data in General number format? I want to ditch the M (million) and B (billion) format used here.
Well glad i yanked everything out in Dec. This wont stop falling until we come out of shutdowns in the USA. Even then we will probably see falls then sideways for 4 to 6 months after we normalise working conditions. Banks are going to continue to be hammered for a while i believe.
These markets take a little time to absorb all good info and some has a lagged effect.  Therefore we could be approaching the low area
it does have that side ways feel atm...i just can't help but think we haven't peaked on the virus front yet - with shutdowns of businesses etc etc. On the side of caution
i think we will still have a little more correction, and my humble opinion is All Ords may reach as low as 6100...this will be the bottom...good opportunity to get in and BUY...general advice only
I would have thought it wouldn't crack the 6000 mark also but wow.
 yes, me too... i am wondering how far further down we are to go before "bottoming" ?  I have a few concerns of sequencing risk with some of my retirees clients..
will about 6800 hold the all ords???
In Most ways , parking money anywhere has become paradoxically more uncertain, be this I mean that the commercialisation and rapidity of information seems to snared the trader in a 2 dimensional cobweb.. Hesitation and the lack of direction is hysteresis in risk taking.