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Michael McCarthy
Coles Spin Off A Big Deal By Michael McCarthy - Mar 16, 2018

Originally published by CMC Markets Australian industrial conglomerate Wesfarmers (AX:WES) announced this morning a spin-off of its Coles supermarket business. In a deal worth around $20 billion...

Greg McKenna
Buy The Dip By Greg McKenna - Mar 08, 2018

Originally published by AxiTraders Buy the dip. That's the successful strategy that stock market players have employed for years now. It's worked as stocks rallied out of the financial crisis, it...

Daryl Guppy
Blind Analysis For Objectivity By Daryl Guppy - Mar 07, 2018

Originally published by Guppytraders.com The very best technical analysis helps us to put aside our hopes and dreams and our assumptions so we can get a more objective analysis of a stock. But even...

Greg McKenna
The Price Action On The S&P 500 Looks Awful By Greg McKenna - Feb 23, 2018

Originally published by AxiTrader 7 points. That's all it might take for the S&P 500 - and thus global stock markets - to break wide open and down. I say that after watching the price action of...

Ric Spooner
Caution Continues By Ric Spooner - Feb 13, 2018

Originally published by CMC Markets The stock market has recovered this morning but is yet to exhibit signs of bargain hunting exuberance The S&P/ASX 200 is up 0.4% half way through the trading...

Daryl Guppy
Dow Retracement No Surprise By Daryl Guppy - Feb 06, 2018

Originally published by Guppytraders We know every good horror movie has a nasty ending but that doesn’t stop us from flinching, or screaming, when it happens. The Dow Jones Industrial Average...

Ashley Owen
Stock Market Winners 10 Years On By Ashley Owen - Jan 30, 2018

Originally published by Cuffelinks It has been 10 years since the end of the 2003-2007 global China/credit boom, and it is time to check in on how stock markets have fared since then. The left chart...

Michael McCarthy
Telstra Fails At The Gap By Michael McCarthy - Jan 16, 2018

Originally published by CMC Markets A new year, a new beginning. Time to revisit the investment strategy and reset the portfolio. For many investors this will mean further moves towards growth...

Daryl Guppy
Dow Retracement Looming By Daryl Guppy - Jan 03, 2018 1

Originally published by Guppytraders Throughout 2017 many observers were terrified the Dow Jones Industrial Average was going to collapse. There was nothing in chart behaviour that suggested this was...

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