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Milan Cutkovic
DAX: Why There's Still Room In This Rally By Milan Cutkovic - May 23, 2018

Originally published by AxiTrader The DAX was lagging behind the major US indices in April, leaving investors frustrated. However, in the recent weeks, the German stock index managed to catch up and...

Hugh Dive
Bank Reporting Season Scorecard: May 2018 By Hugh Dive - May 18, 2018

Originally published by Cuffelinks The past few months have been tough for shareholders in the major Australian financial services companies, who have seen their share prices drift lower through March...

Ashley Owen
Little Room For Error In Equity Markets Now By Ashley Owen - May 10, 2018

Originally published by Cuffelinks The key reason for concern about exposure to equity markets is the over-pricing in much of the market in the US, Europe and UK. The US stock market makes up more...

Daryl Guppy
Classic GMMA Trend Break In Nikkei By Daryl Guppy - May 08, 2018

Originally published by Not every price chart adheres to the perfect exemplars of chart analysis, but sometimes they do. The daily Nikkei 225 chart is an almost perfect example of a...

Hugh Dive
Short Selling Is Harder Than You Think By Hugh Dive - Apr 20, 2018

Originally published by Cuffelinks Short selling has been a hot topic after a noted US-based short seller released a negative report about listed fund manager Blue Sky Alternative Investments...

Greg Cooper
A Better Way To Measure Australian Small Caps By Greg Cooper - Apr 13, 2018

Originally published by Cuffelinks In a quest to diversify portfolios from the concentration biases found in the large cap Australian equities market, investors often allocate a defined (and usually...

Ilan Israelstam
Australian ETF Review By Ilan Israelstam - Apr 11, 2018

Originally published by BetaShares Positive inflows not enough to stop industry dip With both Australian and global equity markets falling significantly for the second month in a row, continued...

Daryl Guppy
Trump's Trade War Market Killer By Daryl Guppy - Apr 10, 2018 1

Originally published by The S&P Index shows the Trump honeymoon with the markets is over. Look at the index activity from anytime in 2016 until 2018 January 29. The daily ranges -...

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