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Daryl Guppy
Shanghai Rally Fails By Daryl Guppy - Oct 29, 2018

Originally published by The Shanghai Index downtrend seems relentless. The index rallied strongly from 2449 but failed to test the significant resistance level near 2695. The rally...

Shane Oliver
Are Shares Expensive? By Shane Oliver - Oct 24, 2018 1

Originally published by AMP Capital Key points Starting point valuations for shares matter a lot in terms of medium-term return potential and vulnerability to share market falls. Basically, the...

Daryl Guppy
Nasdaq October Opportunity By Daryl Guppy - Oct 02, 2018 1

Originally published by Those who were forecasting an imminent FANGS-led crash in August have been disappointed. However, now we are entering the dreaded month of October, famous for...

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