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David Bassanese
1, 2 or none? By David Bassanese - Jun 11, 2024

Global markets – week in review Global stocks bounced back last week after a 2-week mini-consolidation – reflecting rates cuts in Europe and Canada along with some softer-than-expected US data that...

Chris Becker
10.06.24 Macro Morning By Chris Becker - Jun 10, 2024

Despite the headline unemployment rate rising on Friday night, the latest US jobs number – the non farm payroll or NFP – came in much stronger than expected, with Wall Street disappointed with a very...

Chris Becker
11.06.24 Macro Morning By Chris Becker - Jun 11, 2024

The fallout from the stronger than expected US jobs report on Friday night has been overshadowed by political ructions in Europe although there has been a lot of speculation on Wall Street about the...

Chris Becker
12.06.24 Macro Morning By Chris Becker - 20 hours ago

A light economic calendar overnight highlighted the bifurcation in risk taking again with Wall Street making new highs while European stocks faltered on political turmoil across the continent. A...

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