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Antoine Bouvet
Rates Spark: The End Is Near By Antoine Bouvet - Feb 02, 2023

US market rates fell after the Federal Reserve decision but this looks more like a market positioning effect than anything specific from the meeting. Expect some retracement. Both the European Central...

Naeem Aslam
What You Need To Know About BOE and ECB By Naeem Aslam - Feb 02, 2023

BOE As for today’s economic calendar, we have two important economic events unfolding. Firstly, it is the Bank of England’s meeting. The bank is expected to increase the interest rate by 50 basis...

Greg Peel
The Overnight Report: Risk Back On By Greg Peel - Feb 01, 2023 1

By Greg Peel Sticker Shock Wall Street saw month-end profit-taking on Monday night but there was going to be none of that malarkey on the ASX yesterday for the last day of January. The futures...

David Bassanese
Fed to hike 0.25% By David Bassanese - Jan 30, 2023

Global markets It was another positive week for risk sentiment globally, with mixed US activity data consistent with the continued possibility of a soft landing, while a key US inflation report was...

Chris Becker
27.01.23 Macro Morning By Chris Becker - Jan 27, 2023

Wall Street was able to follow through on its recent surge on the back of strong GDP data with European shares also lifting as Euro stopped climbing higher. The USD remains under some stress against...

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