Market Overview

Ric Spooner
Markets On Hold By Ric Spooner - 4 hours ago

Originally published by CMC Markets Markets are likely to remain on hold today as traders wait on the US Congress to resolve its impasse on revision of the Obamacare legislation. The fact that the ...

Craig Cobb
5 Golden Rules For Property Development By Craig Cobb - Mar 23, 2017

Originally published by Park Edge Capital As we know, we currently live in a very low interest rate environment here in Australia and abroad. For investors this cheap money can open up asset classes ...

William OLoughlin
Will iSentia Recover?   By William OLoughlin - Mar 23, 2017

Originally published by Rivkin Securities In this video William O'Loughlin and Shannon Rivkin answer questions about the future of iSentia. Please click below to watch the video.

Michael McCarthy
Take Backs By Michael McCarthy - Mar 23, 2017

Originally published by CMC Markets A quiet night of trading following the ructions of the previous session leaves Australian investors in a quandary. An opening gain to take back some of ...

Chris Weston
Is This The Calm Before The Storm? By Chris Weston - Mar 23, 2017

Originally published by IG Markets After all the excitement yesterday, confirming that all financial markets do actually have a pulse and that they can actually fall, we should see more reserved ...

James Woods
Why US Equities Are A Buying Opportunity By James Woods - Mar 23, 2017

Originally published by Rivkin Securities US equities rebounded on Wednesday with both the S&P 500 and Nasdaq 100 up +0.19% and +0.66% ahead of The House of Representatives vote on republic ...

David Bassanese
Value Favours Europe And Japan By David Bassanese - Mar 22, 2017

Originally published by BetaShares Due to relatively strong corporate earnings growth, the United States equity market has outperformed global peers in recent years. That said, with US interest rates ...

Daryl Guppy
Shanghai Trend Strength By Daryl Guppy - Mar 22, 2017

Originally published by Guppytraders.com I am involved in meetings with Chinese Premier Li Keqiang visit to Australia this week so its appropriate to take a look at the Shanghai Index. The Shanghai ...

Ric Spooner
Doubting Donald By Ric Spooner - Mar 22, 2017

Originally published by CMC Markets Doubts about the extent and timing of US fiscal stimulus will deliver a sharply lower opening for the Australian stock market this morning. The nervousness of the ...

Pat Barrett
Think BIG Part 2 By Pat Barrett - Mar 21, 2017

Originally published by UBS Asset Management If you're thinking big, surely one week's worth of articles is not big enough! There were a few more macro issues that piqued our interest this week, ...