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Delivery Method


 NameSymbolLastChg. %Total AssetsTime
 Vanguard Australian Shares Index Fund0P0000.2.693+0.34%35.12B21/06 
 Vanguard International Shares Index Fund0P0000.3.453+0.09%36.47B21/06 
 Vanguard Index International Shares Fund0P0000.1.826-0.11%31B05/10 
 Ardea Real Outcome Fund0P0001.0.858-0.16%4.87B20/06 
 Vanguard Growth Index Fund0P0000.1.565+0.09%10.97B21/06 
 Vanguard International Shares Index Fund Hedged - 0P0000.1.150-0.23%8.09B21/06 
 Vanguard Balanced Index Fund0P0000.1.438+0.07%8.08B21/06 
 AMP Capital Enhanced Index International ShareLP6502.2.648-1.03%8.22B05/12 
 MFS Fully Hedged Global Equity Trust0P0000.1.003-0.16%6.39B21/06 
 Vanguard High Growth Index Fund0P0000.1.963+0.11%9.42B21/06 
 PIMCO Global Bond Fund Wholesale Class0P0000.0.907-0.04%4.01B20/06 
 T. Rowe Price Global Equity Fund0P0000.1.953+0.13%5.81B20/06 
 Fidelity Australian Equities Fund0P0000.36.869-0.12%5.02B20/06 
 CFS FC ESup-CFS Index Aus Share Sel0P0000.2.4880%52.47M20/06 
 Arrowstreet Global Equity Fund0P0000.1.487+0.18%9.2B20/06 
 Janus Henderson Tactical Income Fund0P0000.1.0430%4.94B21/06 
 Vanguard Australian Property Securities Index Fund0P0000.1.057+0.85%6.2B21/06 
 FirstChoice WS Inv - FirstChoice WS ModerateLP6500.0.8880%4.66B20/06 
 CFS FC W PSup-FirstChoice W ModerateLP6500.2.9950%4.66B20/06 
 CFS FC ESup-FirstChoice Moderate SelectLP6821.1.8700%4.66B20/06 
 CFS FC W Pen-FirstChoice W ModerateLP6500.3.470+0.03%4.66B20/06 
 CFS FC W Pen-CFS W Index Aus BondLP6500.2.144-0.07%586.13M20/06 
 CFS FC W PSup-CFS W Index Aus BondLP6500.1.920-0.06%359.84M20/06 
 North Index Balanced0P0000.0.9120%4.95B20/06 
 Ipac Select Index Balanced0P0000.0.9120%4.95B20/06 
 Dimensional Global Core Equity Trust0P0000.25.278-0.43%6.93B20/06 
 Mercer Passive Australian Share Fund0P0001.1.6230%5.66B20/06 
 Walter Scott Global Equity Fund Hedged0P0000.1.176+0.14%4.66B20/06 
 Walter Scott Global Equity Fund0P0000.3.928+0.18%4.66B20/06 
 AMP Capital Future Directions Balanced Fund - ClasLP6351.1.079+0.12%134.19K15/02 
 CFS FC W Pen-FirstChoice W Fixed IntLP6500.2.265-0.08%536.17M20/06 
 CFS FC ESup-FirstChoice Fixed Intr SelLP6821.1.236-0.07%536.17M20/06 
 CFS FC W PSup-FirstChoice W Fixed IntLP6500.2.000-0.07%536.17M20/06 
 PIMCO Diversified Fixed Interest Fund0P0000.879.438-0.05%338.3M20/06 
 PIMCO Diversified Fixed Interest Fund Wholesale Cl0P0000.0.906-0.04%20/06 
 Vanguard Australian Shares High Yield Fund0P0000.1.846+0.20%5.21B21/06 
 Macquarie Income Opportunities Fund0P0000.0.948-0.04%2.86B20/06 
 Vanguard High Yield Australian Shares Fund0P0000.1.307-0.69%4.39B05/10 
 CFS FC W PSup-FirstChoice W GrowthLP6500.3.389+0.05%3.68B20/06 
 CFS FC ESup-FirstChoice Growth Select0P0000.2.125+0.05%3.68B20/06 
 CFS FC W Pen-FirstChoice W GrowthLP6500.3.943+0.06%3.68B20/06 
 Dimensional Australian Core Equity Trust0P0000.15.692+0.22%5B20/06 
 IOOF Balanced Investor Trust0P0001.1.9360%4.23B20/06 
 CFS FC W Pen-FirstChoice W Aus ShareLP6500.5.861-0.08%197.09M20/06 
 Bennelong ex-20 Australian Equities Fund0P0000.2.554-1.06%2.96B20/06 
 Henderson Australian Fixed Interest Fund - Institu0P0000.1.0110%3.78B21/06 
 Arrowstreet Global Equity Fund Hedged0P0000.1.295+0.10%5.64B20/06 
 Vanguard Conservative Index Fund0P0000.1.1790%2.8B21/06 
 FirstChoice WS Inv - CFS WS Geared ShareLP6500.4.050-0.05%4.07B20/06 
 CFS FC W Pen-CFS W Geared ShareLP6500.16.806-0.05%199.19M20/06 
 CFS MIF-Geared Share0P0000.2.566-0.05%372.61M20/06 
 CFS FC W PSup-CFS W Geared ShareLP6500.13.483-0.04%1.57B20/06 
 CFS FC ESup-CFS Geared Share Sel0P0000.5.689-0.04%191.27M20/06 
 BlackRock Indexed International Equity Fund0P0000.1.2300%2.84B20/06 
 Magellan Infrastructure Fund0P0000.1.239+0.76%1.64B20/06 
 PIMCO Australian Bond Fund0P0000.1,012.635-0.04%1.66B20/06 
 PIMCO Australian Bond Fund Wholesale Class0P0000.0.910-0.03%20/06 
 CFS FC W PSup-FirstChoice W M-Index ConsLP6500.2.337-0.02%497.69M20/06 
 CFS FC ESup-FirstChoice M-Idx Cnsrv Sel0P0000.1.537-0.01%16.92M20/06 
 CFS FC W Pen-FirstChoice W M-Index ConsLP6500.2.656-0.02%1.31B20/06 
 North Index Moderately Defensive0P0000.1.0290%2.59B20/06 
 Ipac Select Index Moderately Defensive0P0000.1.0290%2.59B20/06 
 CFS FC W Pen-FirstChoice W ConservativeLP6500.2.637-0.01%2.18B20/06 
 CFS FirstChoice Multi-Index Balanced Fund - Class LP6823.1.0560%42.03M20/06 
 CFS FC W Pen-FirstChoice W M-Index BalLP6500.4.361+0.03%861.97M20/06 
 CFS FC ESup-FirstChoice M-Index Bal Sel0P0000.2.1250%208.77M20/06 
 CFS FC W PSup-FirstChoice W M-Index BalLP6500.3.650+0.03%1.36B20/06 
 CFS FC W Inv-FC W Multi-Index BalancedLP6500.1.0180%364.39M20/06 
 Bentham Professional Global Income Fund0P0000.0.9550%3.08B20/06 
 Bentham Wholesale Global Income Fund0P0000.0.9980%3.08B20/06 
 Ipac Select Index Growth0P0000.0.8500%2.94B20/06 
 North Index Growth0P0000.0.8500%2.94B20/06 
 Macquarie Master Enhanced Fixed Interest0P0000.0.957-0.05%3.86B20/06 
 Macquarie True Index Australian Fixed Interest0P0000.0.946-0.05%3.86B20/06 
 IOOF MultiSeries 70LP6509.0.9610%1.87B20/06 
 Antipodes Global Fund - Class P0P0000.1.851+0.66%1.73B20/06 
 Strategic Australian Equity Fund0P0000.21.237+0.15%2.65B20/06 
 BlackRock Indexed Hedged International Equity Fund0P0000.0.658-0.02%3.55B20/06 
 Allan Gray Australia Equity A0P0000.1.7150.00%2.57B20/06 
 Ipac Select Index High Growth0P0000.0.7780%2.57B20/06 
 North Index High Growth0P0000.0.7780%2.57B20/06 
 Resolution Capital Global Property Securities WS0P0000.1.836-0.04%2.67B20/06 
 CFS FC W Inv-FC W Multi-Index DivLP6500.1.1130.00%1.87B20/06 
 CFS FC W PSup-FirstChoice WS Multi-Index DiversifiLP6500.2.8820%531.85M20/06 
 CFS FC ESup-FirstChoice M-Index Div Sel0P0000.1.8220%39.49M20/06 
 CFS FC W Pen-FirstChoice WS Multi-Index DiversifieLP6500.3.3490.00%964.56M20/06 
 CFS FirstChoice Multi-Index Diversified Fund - ClaLP6824.1.1520%1.67M20/06 
 Dimensional Global Bond Trust0P0000.9.605-0.15%2.76B20/06 
 Vanguard International Fixed Interest Index Fund H0P0000.0.932-0.02%2.15B21/06 
 IOOF MultiMix Balanced Growth TrustLP6510.0.9900%1.88B20/06 
 Bentham Wholesale Syndicated Loan Fund0P0000.0.8640%2.04B20/06 
 Bentham Professional Syndicated Loan Fund0P0000.0.8090%2.04B20/06 
 CFS FC ESup-Magellan Global Sel0P0000.3.145+0.12%64.89M20/06 
 CFS FC WS Inv-Magellan W GlobalLP6809.2.185+0.13%251.06M20/06 
 CFS FC W PSup-Magellan W GlobalLP6809.4.858+0.12%1.53B20/06 
 CFS FC W Pen-Magellan W GlobalLP6809.5.724+0.13%511.05M20/06 
 Vanguard International Property Securities Index F0P0000.0.963+0.33%1.78B21/06 
 CFS FC-Fidelity W Australian EquitiesLP6502.1.260-0.09%255.69M20/06 
 CFS FC W PSup-Fidelity W Aus EquitiesLP6506.2.649-0.07%678.46M20/06 
 CFS FC W Pen-Fidelity W Aus EquitiesLP6503.3.048-0.08%694.59M20/06 
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