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  • l like to go again the odds, yes it's a big ask but I do believe the company's on the right truck and will deliver to it's potential very soon. It's only a matter of time.
    • Struggled to stack up the maths.Don't think the technology makes strong economic sense yet.1. If Handrian X can lay 1000 bricks in an hour, should only take 1 day to build a house, not 3. A proof that the operation of the robot is not that automated2. Building a house in 3 days, plus running cost, eg high skill operators, maintenance, etc, is not much cheaper than hiring a couple of brick layers to do the same job. Don't see how it justify the $2m bill of a robot.3. WaaS limits the potentials of earnings. Assuming you save $10k on each house built, you need to build hundreds to foot the multi-million bills the company is currently running with, and they only get 50% through the JV.4. Seems the company will continue to run with millions of loss for some time, and require additional diluting capital until tech is mature enough to yield economic benefits. The current market cap of $150m is a big bet.
      • I'm with you Kevin
      • Also remember that in Australia it can only lay bricks during regulated hours ie from 7am till 7pm, or what ever the end time is. It can't lay 25 hours a day here. But it can lay at night, and in the rain. That is where it indisputably beats humans, if there are any doubts over speed and accuracy
      • 24 hours rather