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Bitcoin will be worth $100,000 after you pay $150,000 for long suckers !!!
Bitcoin was created by air and has no intrinsic value without hype but you keep ploughing your money in because speculation has become an important thing 😉
Cathies Ark is sinking but good news she can smell your. 💰
Back to where it all started .....after a small bit of skimming
Bitcoin.....the coin voted best for hiding scammed money by 2 out of 3 hackers
The new meme coin Spitcoin (SPTC) to be released today. Get in early as there is only 120 thousand trillion billion on offer
Invest a small amount weekly in shares for 20 years and receive growth, income and tax breaks. You will be wealthy then. Stay away from crypto because a few win but a lot lose heavily
Well said wise man 👨