UK Natural Gas Futures - W-2 24 (NGLNSc2)

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2.413 is the target...
us dollar going to push this up
any body have any idea when gas prices will go up
Hi Karmjit Singh, we are eagerly waiting as struck in bought position. How much you bought & what price?
It will go up from here target will be $3.5
wait bit more NG trading s hard stuff don't buy more just hold it will recover , last time bottom was 1.47 and same day it's up 24% in 2020 I cut my position just 2 hours ago before happen this if I could hold then my life would be different on last high just hold it
Will gas go up or further down from here?
will it go down again?
testing 1
i am sorry, but this looks like a market manipulation here. cant find any bad news or reason for the price to drop this much
may i know whats happening with NG??
will it go further down today?
rally possible after 495
You upside down hillbillies never got anything right in your is 655
What is view in Natural gas price? Will it go down or go up?
Up and then down.Or down and then up.
Hi, what is the target
gas looking like its going to hit $9 soon
Canadian NG bear ETF HND down to $ 12.08 CDN...... retail shorts getting wiped out again......
within next one month it will be 3.4
sell 3.95 sl 4.05 target 3.80...
Bro you great… any update now about ng
Time to go up !
Will go 4.5 soon
When do u think it will go up? U r saying coz of weather ?Thanks
High Demand price will go up
hopefully it will happen soon🤞
going down under 4.000
What u guys think about today ? Will it come down? Pls share ur views
quiet here
I mean $5.00
Nobody knows what’s happening with gas Really frustrating now
And hopefully it will come down now