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nice one,for you
Any suggestions for coffee trade?
In which currency calculate the value , and what type of measure, kg or pounds
Us currency
the support is there how long will it last ?
Wow that's a significant drop considering crop is almost destroyed in Brazil. I will go long on this
WTF is going on with coffee? Facing extinction? 😳 15% jump in 2days
Any news
heading to 225
This is specifically a Coffee Arabica future. I closed mine because it was a July expiry and I don’t hold within 45 days to expiry as a personal rule. Took profit. South America is in El Nino at the moment, and covid has smashed Brazil, do it’s probably going to do pretty well long term.
Ready for a three months decline
What is target ?
I’m interested to know why you believe this, would you be able to expand on it for us?
Any idea for coffe trade ?
Ready for a 20% rise like last year
take profit or still wait another week to touch 130+
Next 92
I have sell coffe what is bottom target ?
What happening ?
Long at 101.1
Target ?
Close 112.2
Any suggestion when should shell?
Where coffe price going ?
London coffee is up by $50
coffee has no way of going up it seems . hedge funds are shorting them like anything
Whats Going with Coffee
Hi How does coffee look for going long.
104.40 before rollover
coffee will test 92 levels and then will have to good up movement till 128 levels
Hi guys, anyone knows how to switch to May/2019 in this app. I would really appreciate your help. Thanks.
I can help but I'm not sure what you mean?
Hi, do you know what date is the last trading date for March/2019
What happing with coffee
Hi there