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Delivery Method


 NameSymbolLastChg. %Total AssetsTime
 PIMCO Global Bond Fund Wholesale Class0P0000.0.883+0.35%23/03 
 Janus Henderson Tactical Income Fund0P0000.1.008-0.02%4.95B23/03 
 CFS FC W Pen-FirstChoice W Fixed IntLP6500.2.221-0.31%3.63B22/03 
 CFS FC ESup-FirstChoice Fixed Intr SelLP6821.1.209-0.28%3.63B22/03 
 CFS FC W PSup-FirstChoice W Fixed IntLP6500.1.966-0.27%3.63B22/03 
 PIMCO Diversified Fixed Interest Fund0P0000.865.489+0.34%353.51M23/03 
 PIMCO Diversified Fixed Interest Fund Wholesale Cl0P0000.0.892+0.34%23/03 
 Macquarie Income Opportunities Fund0P0000.0.936-0.21%3.4B22/03 
 Henderson Australian Fixed Interest Fund - Institu0P0000.0.988+0.37%3.31B23/03 
 PIMCO Australian Bond Fund Wholesale Class0P0000.0.906+0.33%23/03 
 PIMCO Australian Bond Fund0P0000.1,007.908+0.33%1.85B23/03 
 Macquarie Master Enhanced Fixed Interest0P0000.0.947+0.39%2.72B23/03 
 Macquarie True Index Australian Fixed Interest0P0000.0.938+0.36%2.72B23/03 
 Dimensional Global Bond Trust0P0000.9.227+0.66%1.93B23/03 
 Vanguard International Fixed Interest Index Fund H0P0000.0.945+0.46%1.91B23/03 
 Bentham Wholesale Syndicated Loan Fund0P0000.0.8450%1.81B22/03 
 Bentham Professional Syndicated Loan Fund0P0000.0.7950%1.81B22/03 
 Legg Mason Western Asset Australian Bond Trust Cla0P0000.1.164+0.38%1.46B23/03 
 CFS FC W PSup-CFS W Index Aus BondLP6500.1.900-0.73%1.6B22/03 
 CFS FC W Pen-CFS W Index Aus BondLP6500.2.119-0.83%1.6B22/03 
 Perpetual Diversified Income Fund0P0000.0.9770%1.48B23/03 
 CFS FC Pen-PIMCO Global Bond0P0000.1.165+0.60%1.44B17/03 
 CFS FC W PSup-PIMCO W Global Bond0P0000.1.189+0.21%1.44B22/03 
 Colonial First State FirstChoice Wholesale Investm0P0000.0.929+0.25%1.44B22/03 
 CFS FC W Pen-PIMCO W Global Bond0P0000.1.233+0.24%1.44B22/03 
 PIMCO Global Credit Fund Wholesale Class0P0000.0.865+0.27%23/03 
 PIMCO Global Credit Fund0P0000.866.032+0.28%243.47M23/03 
 Vanguard Australian Government Bond Index Fund0P0000.0.987+0.40%1.37B24/03 
 Realm High Income Fund - Wholesale Units0P0000.1.048+0.27%1.33B22/03 
 Mercer Australian Fixed Interest Fund0P0000.0.977+0.41%1.3B23/03 
 BlackRock Indexed Australian Bond Fund0P0000.0.945+0.37%1.1B23/03 
 Russell International Bond $A Hedged Fund Class A0P0000.0.822+0.46%1.01B23/03 
 Russell Global Bond Fund Class B0P0000.0.929+1.02%991.98M23/03 
 Mercer Global Sovereign Bond Fund0P0000.0.861+0.28%986.25M23/03 
 Mercer Australian Inflation Plus Fund0P0000.0.8040%938.92M23/03 
 CFS FC W PSup-Perpetual W Divers Inc0P0000.1.325+0.13%876.54M22/03 
 CFS FC W Pen-Perpetual W Diversified Inc0P0000.1.388+0.14%876.54M22/03 
 Mercer Global Credit Fund0P0000.0.874+0.45%854.98M23/03 
 CFS FC W PSup-Aberdeen W Aus Fixed IncLP6500.1.863-0.63%784.21M22/03 
 CFS FC W Pen-Aberdeen W Aus Fixed IncLP6500.2.043-0.71%784.21M22/03 
 CFS FC ESup-Aberdeen Aus Fixed Inc Sel0P0000.1.179-0.62%784.21M22/03 
 Mercer Emerging Markets Debt0P0000.1.057+0.58%767.94M23/03 
 CFS FC ESup-UBS Diversified Fix Int Sel0P0000.1.178-0.29%734.33M22/03 
 CFS FC W PSup-UBS W Diversified Fixed IncLP6802.1.525-0.29%734.33M22/03 
 CFS FC W Pen-UBS W Diversified Fixed IncLP6802.1.621-0.33%734.33M22/03 
 CFS FC W PSup-CFS W Global Credit IncomeLP6500.1.9420%704.94M22/03 
 CFS FC W Pen-CFS W Global Credit IncomeLP6500.2.1620%704.94M22/03 
 Schroder Absolute Return Income Fund - Wholesale C0P0000.0.9760.00%700.15M23/03 
 CFS FC W PSup-Schroder W Credit SecLP6500.1.917-0.09%617.71M22/03 
 CFS FC W Pen-Schroder W Credit SecLP6500.2.131-0.10%617.71M22/03 
 CFS FC W PSup-CFS W Australian BondLP6500.1.890-0.75%611.37M22/03 
 UBS Diversified Fixed Income Fund0P0000.0.765+0.51%543.51M23/03 
 Vanguard International Credit Securities Index Fun0P0000.0.920+0.34%508.3M23/03 
 Macquarie True Index Sovereign Bond Fund0P0000.0.940+0.37%532.02M23/03 
 BT Australian Fixed Interest Index0P0000.0.946+0.37%481.59M23/03 
 PIMCO Wholesale Plus Global Bond Fund0P0001.0.867+0.36%455.4M23/03 
 BT Government Bond Fund0P0000.0.973+0.41%23/03 
 Macquarie Australian Diversified Income A Fund0P0000.1.0420%437.03M23/03 
 Smarter Money Fund Platform Investor0P0000.1.017+0.11%446.32M22/03 
 IOOF MultiMix Diversified Fixed Interest Trust0P0000.0.829+0.28%420.69M23/03 
 MIF A0P0001.1.0210%407.97M23/03 
 Legg Mason Brandywine Gl Opp Fixed Inc Class I0P0000.1.063+0.54%67.32M23/03 
 Legg Mason Brandywine Gl Opp Fixed Inc Class ALP6510.1.054+0.55%308.59M23/03 
 BT International Fixed Interest Index WLP6803.0.701+0.36%358.48M23/03 
 Macquarie Index Tracking Global Bond0P0000.0.646+0.44%357.34M23/03 
 ANZ Fixed Income FundLP6826.0.990+0.39%351.57M23/03 
 Sunsuper Fixed Interest Index0P0001.2.662-1.30%326.43M28/02 
 Ardea Wholesale Aust Inflation Linked Bond Fund0P0000.0.903+0.67%320.45M23/03 
 Vanguard Diversified Bond Index Fund0P0000.0.818+0.40%286.3M23/03 
 Macquarie Life Master-Fixed Interest Fund0P0000.4.832-0.30%270.06M27/10 
 Macquarie Australian Fixed Interest Fund0P0000.0.982+0.39%256.74M23/03 
 Alexander Credit Opportunities Fund0P0001.1.357+0.10%249.36M17/03 
 CFS FC W PSup-PM Capital W Enhanced YldLP6500.1.9550%238.37M22/03 
 CFS FC W Pen-PM Capital W Enhanced YldLP6500.2.1510%238.37M22/03 
 State Street Australian Fixed Income Index Trust0P0000.0.939+0.37%237.04M23/03 
 Perpetual High Grade TreasuryLP6514.1.0370%230.31M23/03 
 Perpetual High Grade Treasury Fund Class RLP6809.1.0130%230.31M23/03 
 Specialist Income Fund0P0000.0.817+0.28%173.34M23/03 
 CFML Fixed Interest Fund0P0000.0.863+0.23%164.17M23/03 
 BT Wholesale Enhanced Credit Fund0P0000.0.893+0.28%23/03 
 Bentham Wholesale High Yield Fund0P0000.0.710+0.23%142.92M22/03 
 Macquarie Australian Diversified Income AA Fund0P0000.1.0400%78.59M23/03 
 Premium Asia Income Fund0P0000.0.830+0.13%76.99M22/03 
 REST Super Bond0P0000.2.656-1.80%74.93M28/02 
 Spectrum Strategic Income Fund0P0000.1.0560%50.36M23/03 
 UBS Global Credit Fund0P0000.0.806+0.45%58.88M23/03 
 Sandhurst Strategic Income Fund - Class B0P0000.1.040-0.02%50.75M23/03 
 OA Frontier AP-Vanguard Index Diversified BondLP6807.1.467+0.36%48.13M23/03 
 CFS Wholesale Global Corporate BondLP6805.0.657+0.55%43.51M22/03 
 Russell Cash Enhanced Portfolio CLP6515.1.6720%36.89M23/03 
 Perpetual Wholesale Dynamic Fixed Income FundLP6807.0.993+0.13%35.33M23/03 
 Austock Imputation Bond-PIMCO EQT Australian BondLP6503.1.488-0.60%30.64M22/03 
 Macquarie Inflation Linked Bond Fund0P0000.0.852+0.70%25.97M23/03 
 OA Frontier PS-Vanguard Index Diversified BondLP6807.1.389+0.32%22.08M23/03 
 Lifeplan Education Savings Plan BalancedLP6509.1.705+0.34%20.47M21/03 
 OA Frontier IP-Vanguard Index Diversified BondLP6807.0.785+0.36%13.62M23/03 
 CFS FC Pen-CFS Global Credit IncomeLP6500.1.906-0.32%12.78M17/03 
 AMP Growth Bond-AMP Australian BondLP6804.1.434+0.27%10.98M23/03 
 Lifeplan Investment Bond Vanguard Australian FI Op0P0001.1.157+0.11%10.67M21/03 
 ANZ ASA-UBS Diversified Fixed IncomeLP6501.1.968-0.34%9.7M22/03 
 AMP SignatureSuper-Ausbil Australian Fixed InteresLP6803.1.397+0.32%7.66M23/03 
 OA Frontier AP-UBS Diversified Fixed IncomeLP6807.1.422-0.38%7.52M22/03 
 ANZ ASA-ING Diversified Fixed InterestLP6501.2.117-0.14%7.37M22/03 
 OA Frontier AP-OnePath Diversified Fixed InterestLP6807.1.483-0.16%7.37M22/03 
 OA Frontier PS-OnePath Diversified Fixed InterestLP6807.1.408-0.14%7.37M22/03 
 Colonial Select Pers Super - Deutsche W Aust BondLP6502.21.692+0.11%6.98M10/03 
 ING DIRECT Super Option Intl FI Hedged0P0001.1.220+0.30%7M23/03 
 Col Sel Pers Sup-Colonial Aus Fixed Interest FundLP6803.48.424+0.06%4.13M10/03 
 Col Sel Allo Pen-Colonial Aus Fixed Interest FundLP6803.59.653+0.07%4.13M10/03 
 Col Sel Allo Pen-AXA Alliance Aus Fixed Int OptLP6502.24.572+0.13%4.04M10/03 
 OA Frontier AP-OptiMix Australian Fixed InterestLP6807.1.496-0.79%3.62M22/03 
 OA Frontier IP-OnePath Diversified Fixed Interest LP6807.0.865-0.16%3.09M22/03 
 OnePath Wholesale-Diversified Fixed InterestLP6351.0.791-0.16%3.09M22/03 
 ING DIRECT Pension Option Aus Fixed Int0P0001.1.269+0.36%3.13M23/03 
 Col Sel Pers Sup-Multi Manager Fixed InterestLP6502.23.600+0.06%2.67M10/03 
 Col Sel Allo Pen-Multi Manager Fixed InterestLP6502.27.208+0.07%2.67M10/03 
 OA Frontier PS-OptiMix Australian Fixed InterestLP6807.1.403-0.70%2.62M22/03 
 OA Frontier AP-Colonial First State Global Credit LP6807.1.5850%1.95M22/03 
 OA Frontier PS-Colonial First State Global Credit LP6807.1.4850%1.95M22/03 
 ING DIRECT Pension Option Intl FI Hgd0P0001.1.243+0.35%1.86M23/03 
 ANZ ASA-Optimix Australian Fixed InterestLP6501.1.898-0.70%1.68M22/03 
 ANZ A Pension - ING Wsale Fixed Interest Secs Trs0P0000.2.551-0.78%1.37M22/03 
 Colonial Tailored Annuity Plan Allo Ann Cap SecureLP6804.5.957-0.07%557.25K10/03 
 Gateway ASA - International Bond FundLP6502.2.994-0.34%550K21/03 
 ANZ ASA-OnePath Australian Fixed Interest0P0000.2.977-0.69%389.81K22/03 
 ANZ A Pension - Russell Australian Bond Fund0P0000.2.526+0.21%350K21/03 
 Colonial SuperBridge Series 4 Capital SecureLP6804.3.261-0.05%268.06K10/03 
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