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Delivery Method


 NameSymbolLastChg. %Vol.Time
 CSOP Hang Seng Index Daily (-2x) Inverse75005.26-1.68%91.29M17/09 
 Tracker Fund of Hong Kong280025.58+0.87%84.60M17/09 
 CSOP Hang Seng TECH Index Daily (2x) Leveraged Pro72264.22+6.78%76.88M17/09 
 CSOP Hang Seng Daily 2X Leveraged72007.82+1.76%68.60M17/09 
 CSOP Hang Seng TECH Index30336.39+3.23%35.72M17/09 
 Hang Seng H-Share282890.92+1.65%29.65M17/09 
 CSOP NASDAQ-100 Index Daily (-2x) Inverse Product75681.27-0.16%20.02M17/09 
 iShares FTSE A50 China282317.90+1.76%17.33M17/09 
 iShares Hang Seng TECH306713.44+3.23%6.93M17/09 
 CSOP FTSE China A50282217.45+0.69%6.87M17/09 
 ChinaAMC CSI 300 Index318860.12+1.11%6.11M17/09 
 Samsung S&P GSCI Crude Oil ER Futures31754.87-0.33%3.26M17/09 
 CSOP Hang Seng Daily -1x Inverse Product73005.00-1.09%2.81M17/09 
 CSOP Gold Futures Daily (2x) Leveraged Product72997.30-2.73%2.81M17/09 
 Hang Seng TECH Index30326.42+3.55%2.71M17/09 
 CSOP Hang Seng China Enterprises Daily 2x Leverage72885.32+2.80%1.37M17/09 
 ChinaAMC Direxion NASDAQ-100 Daily (-2x) Inverse P75221.85-0.22%1.37M17/09 
 ChinaAMC Hang Seng TECH30888.13+3.50%1.06M17/09 
 CSOP Hang Seng China Enterprises Daily -1x Inverse75885.18-2.63%853.20K17/09 
 ChinaAMC CSI 300 Index CNY8318849.72+0.93%674.40K17/09 
 CSOP FTSE China A508282214.49+1.12%606.20K17/09 
 Global X China Electric Vehicle HKD2845184.80+0.38%564.83K17/09 
 Hang Seng Index283325.28+0.80%381.00K17/09 
 CSOP SZSE ChiNext314713.62+1.95%364.80K17/09 
 ChinaAMC Direxion NASDAQ 100 Daily (-1x) Inverse73313.66-0.16%340.00K17/09 
 Samsung CSI China Dragon Internet281215.69+2.95%275.00K17/09 
 CSOP Hang Seng Index303725.36+0.96%254.12K17/09 
 Global X Hang Seng Daily 2x Leveraged72318.07+1.83%232.60K17/09 
 Global X Hang Seng High Dividend Yield311027.26-0.87%206.50K17/09 
 ChinaAMC Hang Seng Hong Kong Biotech Index306922.00+5.26%187.20K17/09 
 Global X China Electric Vehicle USD984523.62+0.17%165.75K17/09 
 iShares Core MSCI China280129.38+1.45%151.80K17/09 
 Samsung NYSE FANG+HKD281422.10+0.64%147.60K17/09 
 Global X China Clean Energy2809152.55-0.03%146.09K17/09 
 CSOP China Healthcare Disruption31746.70+7.12%143.90K17/09 
 Global X China Biotech USD982015.31+6.39%133.24K17/09 
 Global X China Semiconductor319163.08+0.48%130.45K17/09 
 Global X S&P Crude Oil Futures Enhance30973.98-0.75%124.00K17/09 
 Global X China Biotech2820119.10+6.24%120.94K17/09 
 CICC CSI SELECT 100 HKD309313.65-0.44%115.50K17/09 
 Samsung S&P High Dividend APAC ex NZ REITs318722.36-0.36%105.20K17/09 
 Ping An of China CSI HK Dividend307025.34-1.09%99.80K17/09 
 CICC CSI Select 100 RMB8309311.31-0.26%94.00K17/09 
 Global X China Clean Energy ETF USD980919.51-0.56%87.61K17/09 
 iShares MSCI Emerging Asia280267.02+0.87%81.80K17/09 
 Premia CSI Caixin China New Economy317311.78+0.68%70.75K17/09 
 Global X Hang Seng China Enterprises D73625.82-1.36%70.50K17/09 
 WISE CSI300 China282748.76+0.99%65.00K17/09 
 iShares S&P BSE Sensex283635.84+0.67%54.40K17/09 
 BMO Hong Kong Banks31436.93-0.65%52.40K17/09 
 Global X China Robotics and AI280762.58+0.68%35.21K17/09 
 Value Gold308142.10-1.17%33.01K17/09 
 Hang Seng Index ETF CNY8283320.94+1.06%31.90K17/09 
 Hang Seng H-Share CNY8282875.04+1.49%28.40K17/09 
 iShares MSCI AC Asia ex Japan301065.06+0.43%25.74K17/09 
 Global X China Consumer Brand USD98069.04+1.52%24.95K17/09 
 Global X China Cloud Computing282685.48+1.96%24.85K17/09 
 Global X Exchange Traded Funds Series OFC - Global311961.98+1.27%24.02K17/09 
 BMO NASDAQ 100 HKD308631.32+0.06%22.40K17/09 
 Global X CSI 300 HKD312720.48+0.29%21.80K17/09 
 Global X MSCI China304037.72+1.62%19.80K17/09 
 Global X China Consumer Brand280670.40+1.59%19.10K17/09 
 SPDR Gold Shares28401,282.50-1.31%17.86K17/09 
 BMO NASDAQ 100 USD90864.024+0.15%16.00K17/09 
 Global X China Cloud Computing USD982610.99+2.23%14.30K17/09 
 iShares Core S&P BSE SENSEX India98364.59+0.44%14.01K17/09 
 ChinaAMC MSCI Europe Quality Hedged to USD316516.42+0.37%12.60K17/09 
 E Fund CSI 100 A-Share CNY8310046.10-0.04%12.10K17/09 
 E Fund CSI 100 A-Share310055.56-0.57%12.00K17/09 
 iShares Core Hang Seng311590.38+0.92%11.40K17/09 
 ChinaAMC Direxion NASDAQ 100 Daily 2x Leveraged726126.50+0.30%10.90K17/09 
 BMO Asia USD Investment Grade Bond HKD314116.36+0.06%10.28K17/09 
 Global X Hang Seng Daily -1x Inverse P73365.09-0.97%10.00K17/09 
 Global X S&P 500 Daily 1X Inverse Prod73226.21-0.08%8.90K17/09 
 CSOP Global Cloud Computing Technology Index319418.18+1.17%7.30K17/09 
 iShares CSI 300 A-Share284638.60+0.68%7.10K17/09 
 iShares CORE MSCI Taiwan907426.00-0.31%7.00K17/09 
 iShares CORE MSCI Taiwan3074202.30+0.10%7.00K17/09 
 Haitong MSCI China A ESG HKD303112.91+0.39%5.00K17/09 
 iShares MSCI AC Asia x JP90108.36+0.30%5.00K17/09 
 Global X Hang Seng China Enterprises72305.34+2.69%3.10K17/09 
 Hang Seng China A Industry Top312866.12+0.95%2.60K17/09 
 Lippo Select HK & Mainland Property282462.88+0.22%2.60K17/09 
 Harvest MSCI China A CNY8311817.30-0.57%2.40K17/09 
 Bosera STAR 50 Index283211.16-1.06%2.30K17/09 
 CSOP S&P New China Sectors ETF HKD Inc316784.66+1.80%1.50K17/09 
 CSOP China 5-Year Treasury Bd CNY83199103.40+0.15%1.46K17/09 
 CSOP China 5-Yr Treasury Bd3199124.850.00%1.18K17/09 
 Haitong CSI300281120.72+0.29%1.00K17/09 
 ABF Pan Asia Bond2821120.35-0.33%0.90K17/09 
 CICC KraneShares CSI China Internet HKD318666.74+2.90%0.90K17/09 
 Xtrackers MSCI Taiwan UCITS ETF 1C3036448.60+0.02%0.60K17/09 
 iShares NASDAQ 1002834291.80+0.10%0.60K17/09 
 Premia MSCI Vietnam2804100.00+0.28%0.50K17/09 
 db x-trackers FTSE Vietnam UCITS 1C3087340.00+0.62%0.49K17/09 
 Premia Asia Innovative Technology HKD3181133.05+1.56%0.45K17/09 
 SPDR FTSE Greater China307352.12-0.04%0.40K17/09 
 ABF Hong Kong Bond Fund2819100.90+0.00%0.23K17/09 
 Nikko AM Global Internet ETF HKD3072166.85+0.27%0.19K17/09 
 Value Gold CNY8308134.82-1.47%0.10K17/09 
 Chinaamc Bloomberg Barclays China Treasury + Polic2813127.85-0.39%0.03K17/09 
 Premia Asia Innovative Technology USD918116.98+0.35%017/09 
 Premia Dow Jones Emerging ASEAN Titans 100281069.68-0.17%017/09 
 Value China A-Share CNY830957.000.00%026/08 
 CSOP Hong Kong Dollar Money Market30531,034.20+0.00%015/09 
 Value China A-Share30957.860.00%026/08 
 CICC Bloomberg Barclays China Treasury 1-10Y HKD3079135.40-0.04%017/09 
 BMO MSCI Asia Pacific Real Estate31219.280.00%017/09 
 BMO Asia USD Investment Grade Bond USD91412.102-0.10%017/09 
 CSOP China Ultra Short-Term Bd3122189.00-0.03%017/09 
 ICBC CICC USD Money Market HKD30118,008.50.00%017/09 
 ICBC CICC USD Money Market USD90111,028.95+0.00%017/09 
 BMO Asia High Dividend314511.07-0.54%017/09 
 CSOP China Ultra Short-Term Bd CNY83122156.40+0.00%016/09 
 Premia MSCI Vietnam980412.85+0.16%017/09 
 Premia US Treasury Floating Rate30773,891.8+0.01%017/09 
 W.I.S.E. - Nasdaq Overseas China New Economy Compa318216.72+2.64%017/09 
 CSOP MSCI China A Int314917.19-0.12%017/09 
 NikkoAM E-Games Active ETF HKD3091105.25-0.52%017/09 
 NikkoAM E-Games Active ETF USD Class909113.52-0.52%017/09 
 CSOP NASDAQ-100 Index Daily (2x) Leveraged726620.52+0.10%017/09 
 CSOP SZSE ChiNext CNY8314711.24+1.08%017/09 
 Nikko AM Global Internet907221.42+0.28%017/09 
 Vanguard Total China831699.920.00%010/05 
 Haitong CSI300 CNY8281117.18+0.59%017/09 
 Hang Seng China A Industry Top CNY8312854.72+0.29%017/09 
 Premia US Treasury Floating Rate9077500.05+0.00%010/09 
 Hang Seng FTSE China 502838176.15+0.46%017/09 
 Hang Seng RMB Gold8316830.300.00%013/09 
 Harvest MSCI China A311821.02-0.10%017/09 
 Xtrackers MSCI Korea UCITS ETF 1C2848765.00-0.05%017/09 
 Global X CSI 300 CNY8312716.98+0.35%017/09 
 CSOP China CSI 300 Smart CNY8312913.0600.00%004/02 
 Bosera STAR 50 Index CNY828329.28-0.32%017/09 
 CSOP MSCI China A Int CNY8314914.24-0.07%017/09 
 CSOP China CSI 300 Smart312914.5400.00%004/02 
 db x-trackers MSCI Indonesia3099101.900.00%019/08 
 Vanguard Total China316912.000.00%010/05 
 iShares CORE MSCI Taiwan83074160.600.00%017/08 
 db x-trackers FTSE China 50 UCITS DR3007295.90+0.20%017/09 
 db x-trackers MSCI Brazil304833.140.00%019/08 
 iShares NASDAQ 100983437.38+0.11%017/09 
 iShares NASDAQ 10082834236.000.00%017/08 
 iShares CORE KOSPI 200917019.050.00%018/06 
 iShares EURO STOXX 50915513.560.00%004/02 
 iShares DAX914612.980.00%004/02 
 iShares CORE KOSPI 20083170122.450.00%018/06 
 iShares DAX8314691.300.00%004/02 
 iShares EURO STOXX 508315595.450.00%004/02 
 iShares FTSE 1008284787.800.00%004/02 
 iShares FTSE 100284797.500.00%004/02 
 Amundi Hang Seng HK 358301217.52+0.11%017/09 
 iShares EURO STOXX 503155106.400.00%004/02 
 iShares DAX3146101.500.00%004/02 
 iShares CORE KOSPI 2003170147.200.00%018/06 
 db x-trackers MSCI China3055152.600.00%019/08 
 db x-trackers Nifty 5030151,812.000.00%017/09 
 db x trackers MSCI World UCITS SG301970.420.00%019/08 
 db x-trackers MSCI USA UCITS 1C30201,011.000.00%016/09 
 db x-trackers MSCI Thailand3092167.950.00%019/08 
 db x-trackers MSCI Singapore IM306512.040.00%019/08 
 db x-trackers MSCI Russia Capped302724.360.00%019/08 
 db x-trackers MSCI Philippines IM301612.970.00%019/08 
 db x-trackers MSCI Pacific x Jp304357.000.00%019/08 
 iShares Core CSI 30098464.940.16%017/09 
 Amundi Hang Seng HK 35301221.24-1.39%017/09 
 CICC KraneShares CSI China Internet RMB8318655.30+2.14%017/09 
 Samsung HSCEI Daily 2x Leveraged Product72287.200.00%018/12 
 Vanguard FTSE Developed Europe RMB8310118.690.00%010/05 
 Vanguard S&P 500 USD91403.830.00%010/05 
 ChinaAMC MSCI China A Inclusion8319711.94-0.08%017/09 
 db x-trackers MSCI Malaysia308282.960.00%019/08 
 Ping An of China CSI 5-10Y CGB3080132.80-0.04%017/09 
 Vanguard FTSE Asia ex Japan280530.880.00%010/05 
 Premia CSI Caixin China Bedrock Economy28038.90-0.72%017/09 
 E Fund Yuanta Hang Seng Index Daily (2x) Leveraged72424.650.00%014/08 
 Vanguard FTSE Asia ex Japan High Div Yld308525.860.00%010/05 
 Vanguard FTSE Developed Europe310122.760.00%010/05 
 Samsung HSI Daily -1x Inverse Product73123.760.00%018/01 
 Samsung HSI Daily 2x Leveraged Product72058.490.00%018/01 
 Samsung HSCEI Daily -1x Inverse Product73283.950.00%018/01 
 ChinaAMC Direxion Hang Seng Daily -1x Inverse73214.480.00%016/02 
 Vanguard FTSE Japan312630.540.00%010/05 
 ChinaAMC Direxion Hang Seng China Enterprises Dail73415.740.00%001/09 
 ChinaAMC Direxion Hang Seng China Enterprises Dail72677.130.00%001/09 
 Vanguard S&P 500314029.700.00%010/05 
 iShares Core Hang Seng911511.60+0.87%017/09 
 iShares Core Hang Seng8311574.80+1.05%017/09 
 E Fund Yuanta Hang Seng Daily -1x Inverse73024.420.00%014/08 
 WISE CSI HK 100282526.60+0.76%017/09 
 W.I.S.E. - SSE 50 China Tracker302431.84+0.19%017/09 
 db x-trackers CSI300304911.560.00%019/08 
 ChinaAMC Hang Seng Stock Connect HK SmallCap315729.20+0.21%017/09 
 ChinaAMC Direxion Hang Seng Daily 2x Leveraged722111.390.00%016/02 
 iShares FTSE 100984712.460.00%004/02 
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