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France - Certificates

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Delivery Method


 NameSymbolLastChg. %Vol.Time
 SG ZT PALLADIUM 31Dec99FR0012.86.550.00%003/06 
 SG ZT NYMEX LS CRUDE 09/16 31Dec99FR0013.51.200.00%006/04 
 SG ZT WTI Fut 5X Lev Ind 31Dec99FR0013.1.180.00%003/03 
 SG ZT WTI Fut 5X ShLev Ind 31Dec99FR0013.0.420.00%019/03 
 SG Call 11.44 EUR ORANGE 31Dec99FR0012.0.400.00%006/03 
 SG Call 16.64 EUR AXA 31Dec99FR0012.0.930.00%011/03 
 SG Call WTI CRUDE 31Dec99FR0010.2.470.00%021/05 
 SG Call ICE BRENT 05/12 31Dec99FR0011.20.000.00%005/06 
 SG ZT Brent x 5 Short 31Dec99FR0011.0.030.00%004/02 
 SG ZT GOLD 31Dec99FR0010.137.700.00%006/06 
 SG ZT Gold x 5 Lev 31Dec99FR0011.3.780.00%005/06 
 SG ZT Gold x 5 Short 31Dec99FR0011.7.970.00%023/03 
 SG ZT GOLD X10 LEV 31Dec99FR0011.1.100.00%027/05 
 SG ZT PLATINUM 31Dec99FR0012.8.860.00%004/02 
 SG Call 65.52 CAP GEMINI 31Dec99LU1357.2.900.00%003/03 
 SG ZT SILVER 31Dec99FR0012.15.490.00%026/05 
 SG ZT SILVER X5 LEV 31Dec99FR0011.0.370.00%027/05 
 SG ZT SILVER X5 SHO 31Dec99FR0011.6.390.00%024/03 
 SG BERKSHIRE HATHA ORD CL A 31Dec99FR0010.279.900.00%006/06 
 SG ZT Brent Crude 31Dec99FR0010.4.200.00%023/05 
 SG ZT Ubs-Ib Zur 31Dec99FR0010.145.500.00%006/06 
 SG ZT Wti Crude 31Dec99FR0010.0.020.00%025/04 
 VONTOBEL Call 12XL XAU 31Dec99DE000V.5.430.00%030/05 
 VONTOBEL Call 4XL CO1 31Dec99DE000V.0.100.00%012/03 
 VONTOBEL Call 4XL XAG 31Dec99DE000V.5.060.00%004/02 
 VONTOBEL Put 12XS CO1 4 31Dec99DE000V.0.100.00%004/02 
 BNP Call 1902.86 USD SP 500 31Dec99FRBNPP.9.100.00%004/02 
 SG Call 68.64 EUR ORPEA 31Dec99LU1428.4.170.00%004/02 
 SG Call 6 CREDIT AGRICOLE 31Dec99LU1383.2.260.00%004/02 
 BNP Call 20706.72 USD DJ30 31Dec99FRBNPP.40.900.00%004/02 
 ING Put 1271.5 EUR GOLD 31Dec99NL0012.0.780.00%004/02 
 ING Call 49.9 ICE BRENT 1017NL0012.9.500.00%003/03 
 ING Call 51.09 ICE BRENT 1117NL0012.2.880.00%004/02 
 ING Call 52.4 ICE BRENT 1117NL0012.1.710.00%004/02 
 ING Call 53.48 IPE BRENT 1217NL0012.0.620.00%004/02 
 ING Call 54.87 IPE BRENT 1217NL0012.0.960.00%004/02 
 ING Call 55.4 ICE BRENT 1217NL0012.3.680.00%004/02 
 ING Call 57.96 ICE BRENT 0118NL0012.1.190.00%004/02 
 ING Call 725 EUR PLATINUM 31Dec99NL0012.1.050.00%012/03 
 ING Call 940 EUR GOLD 31Dec99NL0011.58.610.00%020/05 
 ING Call 958 EUR GOLD 31Dec99NL0011.31.730.00%004/02 
 ING Call 967.6 EUR GOLD 31Dec99NL0011.32.700.00%018/03 
 ING Call CREDIT AGRICOLE 2.5NL0009.9.470.00%004/02 
 ING Put 1326.07 EUR GOLD 31Dec99NL0012.0.820.00%004/02 
 SG Call 58 SANOFI-AVENTIS 31Dec99LU1476.3.250.00%004/02 
 ING Put 15.2772 EUR SILVER 31Dec99NL0012.0.080.00%004/02 
 ING Put 16.2575 EUR SILVER 31Dec99NL0012.0.300.00%004/02 
 ING Put 168.02 BUND 0918 31Dec99NL0012.0.850.00%004/02 
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