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Parveen Sabharwal

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Wipro ADR Jul 15, 2021 0:25
Heading for $ 8.90 in short term May 10, 2021 23:40
Amazon is a real leader but an ordinary retail investor cant enter at such levels. Need to split
Chart Of The Day: Look Out Below, Bitcoin Could Be Headed To $30,000 May 07, 2021 11:53
Bitcoin and for that matter any security has emotional as well as intrinsic value attached to it. Bitcoin trading @ $6000 ladt year suddenly foubd fsvour with the institutuinal investors and broke all records starting from March 2021. May be it touches 80000 after stablising at 40000 levels.
Tesla Feb 25, 2021 1:53
Elon musk’s reactions are ajways sudden and abrupt. The stock has akresdy suffered after the bitcoin news. Hopefully rally is on for taking Tesoa back to 800 levels
Nanosonics Feb 24, 2021 12:56
Tesukts are not encouraging and the sentiments may keep the stock subdued for some time
Appen Ltd Feb 24, 2021 12:46
Appen has strong financials and opening of US markets after the rising nunber of corona cases and deaths may help the company increasing its top line.
Tesla Feb 10, 2021 1:56
Entry into cryptocurrency is going ti deviate the msin path of the compsny.
Expedia Feb 03, 2021 5:23
With air traffic easing out we msy see number of international travellers increading. This may help boosting the tevenues of Expedia
Afterpay Touch Dec 23, 2020 7:27
This stock was reported overvalued when at 40 levels and see how far it has come. For traders its a gold mine as the beta has gone beyond 2.8 now
Pfizer Dec 17, 2020 1:33
Just see how badly pfizer is performing Something wrong with the vaccine?
Afterpay Touch Aug 31, 2020 12:19
You need to be watchfull as other players are catching up with this BNPL company. With no dividend and bad debts likeky to increase in future, the margins will shrink paving way for its return journey
Afterpay Touch Aug 31, 2020 12:16
I cabt unferstabd the role of rating agencies as far as this stock is concerned. Being a leader in BNPL platfotm UBS had revised its price to 28$ whereas other agencies are pricing this share for more than 120$.
Reliance Industries Jul 22, 2020 20:30
Reliance has been showing the true pucture if indian market. What a vertical groth this share has shiwn o er tge kast frw weeks and surpassing 2000/- today is a milestone which is worth emulation
Oil Search Jul 15, 2020 21:48
Global cues are positive and US markets are going to rise further providing a launching pad for ASX. Time to Grab this very cheap stock Jul 13, 2020 20:41
Amazon has come up to the expectations of its retail customers as well as the investors during the pandemic conditions. The valuation may be a bit on higher side but its worth of each penny invested
China's Yahua extends lithium offtake deal with Galaxy Resources Jul 12, 2020 18:19
Work as usual despite countries fighting over corona. Stock likely to see uoward movement on monday
Oil Search Jul 12, 2020 8:04
Looks an attractive stock at this valuation
Patanjali Foods Jul 08, 2020 19:32
Ruchi is a very good strong unit under an able management. The market is nervous and needs to react after appointment of Sanjeev as CEO
ASX 200 Futures Jun 28, 2020 18:31
With financial year coming to end soon and all super funds finding hardly any spare money to invest, the ASX may not show green sign again during early part of this week. Investors are also sitting on the sidelines despite low valuations?. May be further impetus by Trump bring some cheers in the markets earlier than expected