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Wesley Minster

Joined: 23/08/18

Comments by Wesley Minster
Unemployment returns to 3.5% as workers commence new jobs Mar 16, 2023 16:58
hike zee rates... many more people (and banks) swimming naked
Australian dollar slain with oil Mar 16, 2023 16:57
I hope you don't get paid for this rubbish.
Australian dollar savaged by Fed hawks Feb 24, 2023 7:49
stop it. just stop. this is embarrassing
Domino'S Pizza Enterprises Feb 22, 2023 20:07
ageing well
Fed puts Australian dollar into orbit Feb 02, 2023 19:52
is this the same bloke that was forecasting AUD to 50c not too long ago. most economists and advisers are broken
Dollar gains, euro falls as energy drives currency swings Jul 06, 2022 18:06
whilst the exchange rate is great Brice, Australia is expensive AF.
Wall Street Veteran Ball Believes S&P 500 Will Fall to 3,100 Jun 30, 2022 5:48
only 3100? 2500 and beyond
CarLotz Announces Closure of 50% of its Stores as Part of a Strategic Review Jun 22, 2022 18:32
need to buy more canaries for that coal mine......
BOE Move to Scraps Mortgage Tests Puts First Time Buyers at Risk Jun 21, 2022 13:05
lel, the lemmings continue to ignore the abyss they are falling into. rip.
Australian Shares Snap 7-Session Losing Streak, RBA Governor Speaks Jun 21, 2022 13:04
what like no rate rises til 2024. if the RBA were a business, the board woulf be thrown out. wait til nth hemi winter and see what an energy crisis looks like.
Yen drops to fresh 24-year low vs U.S. dollar Jun 21, 2022 13:02
the only guarantee Roger is that the era of cheap money is over.
Australian Shares Fall to Fresh 16-Month Lows Jun 20, 2022 18:28
only 30% to go. tick tock.
Australia’s Biggest Bank Sees RBA Cutting Interest Rates in 2023 Jun 09, 2022 19:22
inflation will not be under 5% before 2025 in Australia. Thoughts and prayers to indebted lemmings.
BikeExchange Pty Jun 03, 2022 13:52
wheels falling off?
Australia’s Bond Yields Jump on Bets of Outsized RBA Rate Hike Jun 02, 2022 17:36
all good down under Nicholas. we have very little household debt, strong wage growth and very affordable real estate.
Dow Jones Apr 30, 2022 7:12
predictions not ageing well Praduman. jog on...
Life360 Apr 27, 2022 16:55
hope you hit the exit once it reached 5...
Brent Oil Apr 21, 2022 18:23
sleepy joe announcement overnight. back to 120 we go
Rea Group Apr 21, 2022 18:22
sure the housing market is cooling but REA is the market darling. buy big!!
CSL Apr 21, 2022 18:19
buy the dip joan. about to pop
National Australia Bank Apr 21, 2022 18:18
good time to exit NAB. CBA and Macquarie the only two bank stocks needed long term. Macquarie will be reach 1k in less than 3 years.
Woolworths Apr 21, 2022 18:16
all aboard. 50 bucks is likely by Xmas.
U.S. to resume oil, gas drilling on public land despite Biden campaign pledge Apr 16, 2022 10:12
Sleepy Joe aint giving fuchs about climate change. puppet