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Kathy Lien

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Kathy Lien's Comment & Analysis
A complete archive of Kathy Lien's articles, including current analysis & opinion.

In this video, I talk about the Top 5 Fears that keep traders awake at night
Maximize your hustle - 4 reasons why trading is a great side hustle for that extra income!
Ahead of the US CPI & Retail Sales report, I breakdown how to combine forex fundamentals with technicals to determine whether we've seen a US dollar top
Understanding how currencies move against each other will help you select the best trades and manage your trading risk appropriately
Japan Intervenes in the Yen for the first time since November 2022Will it work? Have we seen a top in USD/JPY? Let's go through the charts
The Biggest MYTH of Trading is that more trading equals more money.Overtrading is one of the most dangerous trading behaviors.
5 Ways Iran Attack Impacts Financial MarketsMarkets have stabilized but it is STILL important to know if tensions escalate again, what can happen to GOLD, STOCKS, INFLATION, US DOLLAR and more..
Here are my thoughts on the European Central Bank's meeting: What to watch What is priced in Whether EURO will hit fresh 2-month lows vs. USD
When an instrument is trading at record highs as golden as this one, everyone is wondering if its time to pick a top or buy the dip?Here are 3 important tips to consider and a trading strategy to...
We had a solar eclipse in New York today that made me think about trading and Eclipse Trading Tip. Next eclipse is in 20 years in NY - don't wait for trades that happen once every 5, 10, 20 years.