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hi happy day .we making history.
Buy But Buy
Doesn’t appear tesla got enough support atm. Sell is the call and will keep dipping below 165 at the end of the session today.
buy from 168.20 target 176.50 soon technically soon it will go
I dont think so. Ifs keep going down. All i can see is negativity with telsa stocks atm.
This is my daily source of negatively slanted news on Tesla
210 will be in this week 🤞🏻
More buy 💥💥💥
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hi 👋
hi everyone
Put a but order in at $50
Buy now or wait and see?
for 2 month, I have been waiting for this day, I still hold my shorts from 1190, my target was 900, revised target is 730 :D
revise it $400
Chief advisory for novonix, doctor mr jeff dahn, professor from a canadian university, has sign another 5 years contract with tesla to colaborate together. Thats the reason why the market see potential in novonix in the long run
Michael Burry must be killing himself now
My target $6000 usd, bull case $9500.2025
1000SLA tonight
1k in 4 weeks
Looks like its about to happen earlier.
1000 by December 31st 2021
hope so.. cheers from Kuwait
Soon all manufacturers will only peoduce EV. Tesla is no longer special... l’d rather buy German brand EVs.