Natural Gas Futures - Nov 23 (NGX3)

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Natural Gas Futures Discussions

Hi Guys, As the warmer weather is coming, price will hit 2.5 soon ??? what's your opinion?
its cold in USA and the price went down on natural GAS?? whys that
something bout stockpiles meeting expectations, but i call BS due to refiners shut down and frozen pipes which may take longer to resume operations
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sure thanks for advice
Anyone want make money on NG, just has to ask me my posotion and it always goes south, ubdo tue opposite and earn and pay me comission. Have ready got subs for nat gas weather but no every tine i goes south. Sick of if
rofl sucked in get good
guys what say..bull or bear ..will it reach 4
Hope not
Why i goes always opposite to my trade looks like some kind of scam
Same here
Heys boys -first you want to do your homework and trade via a reputable broker (industry regulated) .its not a scam then -just business.Secondly you need spend time understanding the market and the way it works.Your placing trades because your letting yourself be incited to-thats why they go south on you.Try and and look at it objectively and you and its very possible then to take a small fortune and turn it into alot of profit
will it go up down now
Big NG players need retailers to buy so they can make next move down
When options open
bullish for ng
bullish for ng
Dharm pal g 1.8 coming soon.... i can let you know dates
Would you let me know! Please send me data : Here is korea! Thank you~~
What will be upcomming market ?
Hi Raj, I think it will go down back to 2.3 next week. Do you agree.?
I can say 1.8 is coming soon...
up or down from here
Guys be careful big fall is coming soon.... sms me about dates....
sell now
sell now asap
When will it be a good time to buy
great fall!
Gains from here? What's your view?
Too much volatile
buy or sell
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What's the reason price up 2% today
Nat gas opening lower fo sure....
Will natural gas open on higher side or lower side
On monday as per my view will go only 50 digit up
sell sell sell
Anyone please any idea which week will go down n g near about 1.9 or 2.00 ..... crash coming when .... anyone know whicch week ... as per my view last week of nov and first week of dec.... reply please anyone their views
When t crash will be expecting anyone please down to 1.6 to 2.1 .... many thanks in advance ....
many thanks g i think emd of november or start december 2020 ..... any idea any news please Girish sir g let me know g dhanwad🙏
Looks to me it will cross 3.25
ok g lets see ... any experience please let me know tx