Crude Oil WTI Futures - Nov 23 (CLX3)

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Crude Oil WTI Futures Discussions

Going hit $40 next stop heading back to where it use to be
I think when it hits $40 id expect a retracement but then another rise to follow
brother when the rate will go up?
Hi sir when the rate will expect go up? kindly advise us Thanks
Hey boysssssssss
maan gaye bhae maan gaye murshad!!
hamein mureed bana lein... :)
it's gonna hit 37.72 in next 18 hours.
think it'll correct from there and go down for a bit?
think it'll correct from there and go down for a bit?
good call Awan
yeah, is pretty weird
did anyone else see that crazy spike? it jumped from bottom to top in a split second on the current trend. what on earth could cause that? No time to act
will touch 40max this week
45 at the least
Bull or Bear market this week team? will we jump the gap to 40?
Will Trumps talk with HK tomorrow cause oil to drop further?
I think he means negative as in no it won't Ahmed.
Hi justinwould you mind please to advise me the oil price go higher or lower in coming week?
mate would you mind please to guide me the crude oil price up or down in coming week? becuase currently the buying price is 35.39$ per barrel...kindly give me the suggestion Thanks
World needs oil till 2040. Go long. This china crap will pass. $60 a barrel a certainty. JAMOT. DYOR are the HOPE.. 😄
honestly it makes sense. I just want to know what it'll drop to so I'm safe. Currently in the red.
Yeah how far will it drop too?
How far are we expecting oil to drop?
anyone think oil will go bullish todsy it dropped alot over night, I lost money hoping to get it back
hopefully I did the same
usually does
anyone think it's going to hit 31 today
no there not
Have faith 😂
Going up! Again
Bulls are about to stampeed......
why has trading stopped
I though maybe because of memorial day. caught me off guard too
34.4 sell with sl 35.1 for yarget of 31
Anyone expecting it to drop lower than what it already has today?
How up it may go before todays closing
Will be $60 before Xmas! The worls needs huge amount of oil until at least 2040.
You really think $60 before christmas?
100 b4 xmas.
i should buy now and really its rising 39$ today ?
is that really going Up?
all there have long open. think hurry bearish will take control today. if are bull and not will loose big money close your position and wait or short
Im expecting it to head towards $39
when do you predict 39?