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Crude Oil WTI Futures Discussions

Mohammad sarfraztoday price down crude oil
what about crude is it go upside today
What happen with oil any idea
Hi AswinIn Australia/Melbourne traffic is normal. Cant see any impact of this virus
Thanks bro.
Good morning from india .. any one interested in sharing local impact regarding crude oil market in thier respective countrys. lockdown Relaxation in india , promising crude related stock recovery
Aswin would you mind please to tell me the price is going down to Hit 37.18 in coming week or Not? Thanks
i m not predictor . I am just sharing cutrent senario in my country so that traders can analysis.
CDC Extends US Ban On Cruise Ships Through September The Associated Press - Canadian Press - Thu Jul 16
Hi ranjeet singh, Do you think today it goes down to 39.70?
Id be very surprised if it doesnt tonight.. after the EIA report confirms the massive stockpile.
H2 support very strong
Do you think the rate is going to hit downward 37.18 ?
Nathan how do u r know ,it's gonna go up I mean how confedence u are ?
Ive got my house on oil to rise big spike comeo oooonnnnn
Highly unlikely. Too much pushing against it.
If it doesnt go past $48 today its rigged
Nathan fuck mate umm good luck i suppose.
I've got support levels at 37.18 and 34.26. Does anyone else think it's going to hit either of those levels or close to in the next couple of weeks
Looks like its goung below 38 today, probably down to 37.
do you think the rate still is still going down to 37.18? if yes then how much is the expected time according to you.Thanks
Maybe after one month coz of US election
I cant see discussion
I don't think many people talk here, sadly.
sell 40.22 sl 40.40 tgt 39
where do u get u r tips from ? can you share details
Hi poriya, Same question of Nirav soni.Thanks
When does this close?
Sat 3:00 AM AEST
sell 40.16 sl 40.50 target is 39.50 ..38
buy 39.30 sl 39.10 tgt 39.7040.30
Hi poriya, do you think the rate goes down in coming week? kindly share your opinion? if the rate goes down or up then how much? thanks in Advance
buy and hold crude sl 38.90 upside 40..41
Hi poriya, would you mind please to give me some advise regarding the buying and selling of crude oil? Is it possible the rate goes to down in coming week?
Where are you guys drawing major support resistance level for WTI?
37 ahould find some support, otherwise 32 at the low end according to abtechnical analysis.
is this going up or down today
Im hoping a nice big drop so we can buy in. news has been bearish but it kept going up, I can only assume that's gotta grab traction at some point. States are closing borders again, hitting record highs in new covid cases, demand is slowing, stockpiles higher than expected. My vote is bearish for the short term.
No technical analysis done on my part though.
sell crude 39.56 sl 40 targer 38.5......37 intraday
my targate is archived next hold for crude
today again trap for crude up but done again 10 to 15 %
sell crude 40.08 sl 40.25 target 39.50..38 intradya
this is rocket for crude
You think it going to go up
why is oil going up right now? bearish news has far outweighed the bulls. Are we expecting a drop again?
I hope you guys arent trading real money with questions like these. Oil is going to 50 fast.
you would think so but I see divergence, a double top, a psychological barrier at $40, oil rigs firing back up increasing production killing demand, a slower than expected increase in demand, a battle against a second wave of Covid. that's a lot for the bulls to compete with. I think it'll get to 50 but not as quick as we had hoped and no doubt with a few dips in between. My position is long for the long term, but I'm expecting a roller coaster ride the whole way there
Until the storage and over production issues are significantly curtailed there will be a lid on this rally at 42 tops. Anything above that is pure speculation and will not last long, unless you are a gambling man. Come back in July thats when 50 may be onbtge cards.
last leg of Elliot 5th wave is expected to be completed down to 34.05 to extend 32.50 before any more 37.20 is a key area is going to be broken sometime today..good luck all.
Hi ramazanDo you think the price goes down to 32.50$ ? and then again will rise to how much? whats your opinion Thanks
Hi, your prediction is going to opposite direction.The price goes higher rather than going down.